Kansas Graduated Drivers License


Kansas Department of Health & Environment
New Laws for Teen Drivers

Instruction Permit

Instruction Permit Requirements - KSA 8-2, 100

Ages: 14-15
Duration: 12 Months

  • Minimum age 14; valid for one year
  • If under age 16, written application of parent/guardian required
  • Must pass vision and written examinations

Instruction Permit Restrictions

  • Must be accompanied by adult* in front seat who holds a valid driver’s license with at least one year of driving experience
  • NO person except supervising driver can be in front seat
  • NO wireless communication device while driving except to report illegal activity or to summon emergency help

* at least age 21

Instruction Permit Penalties

  • Penalties apply to all teen drivers
  • KSA 8-291 subject to suspension or revocation as any other driver’s license
  • Shall be suspended for any violation of restrictions
    • 1st Offense – 30-day suspension
    • 2nd Offense – 90-day suspension
    • 3rd Offense – One-year suspension



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